LiveBlog: Charlotte vs. George Washington

7:04-Lineups: Goss, Hill, Knox, Zulandt, Silva-Martin, Whyte, Crosby (George Washington); Rees, Videmsek, Davis, Hicks, Rouse, Raker, Litoborski (Charlotte)
7:06-Kara Raker scores Charlotte’s first point, GW 2-1.
7:08-GW takes an early 7-2 lead. Kat Hicks responds with a kill.
7:11-The Colonials take a commanding 12-5 lead. GW is outhitting Charlotte .583-.071.
7:14-Sheri Davis delivers the kill. This time, it didn’t catch me by surprise. I’m that good not to be fooled again.
7:19-The Niners close the gap to 18-14. Correction, it’s now 18-15.
7:21-GW leads 19-15. Correction, it’s now 19-16. Another correction, it’s now 19-17. How many corrections do I have to make?
7:22-Charlotte continues to hang in tough, down 21-19 now. Correction, it’s now 21-20. Niners are on a 9-4 run.
7:24-Charlotte now has a 22-21 lead. Raker serves the ace, Charlotte 23-21.
7:26-The Colonials responded with two points to tie the game at 23-all. We’re in for a battle tonight.
7:28-Bianca Rouse scores a crucial kill, Charlotte 25-24.
7:30-Charlotte and GW are tied at 26-all. This isn’t an Isner-Mahut tennis match, not yet. Not even close.
7:32-Back and forth, back and forth, and it’s now 28-all.
7:33-The Colonials take the first set, 30-28.

7:37-GW jumps out to an early 3-0 lead in the second set.
7:40-Amanda Videmsek has a nice throw-down kill. Charlotte and GW are tied at 5-all.
7:43-I don’t have any material tonight. I’m updating every three minutes. Charlotte is now ahead 10-9.
7:47-Rouse delivers the kill, Charlotte 14-11. It has now reached four minutes of silence.
7:49-Hicks gives the Niners a 16-13 lead with a kill.
7:51-Charlotte still holds the lead at 20-16.
7:54-The Niners have a tough homestand next weekend as they take on the Xavier Musketeers and Dayton Flyers, not the Temple Owls again according to the game notes.
7:55-Charlotte leads 23-19 late in the second set.
7:56-The Niners have set point with a 24-20 lead.
7:57-It’s 2/5-time. Charlotte evened the match with a 25-21 win in the second set.

8:06-Always keep your eyes open. The Colonials decided to have their post-2/5-time right by us, and a ball hits Ryan Rose’s computer.
8:07-Charlotte takes the first point of the set for the first time tonight.
8:11-The Niners take a 5-4 lead in the third set.
8:12-Charlotte lost the match to GW earlier this season, but while the teams are three games apart in the conference standings, the Niners are playing well against one of the better teams this year.
8:15-Charlotte leads 12-8 after Rouse smashes a kill.
8:17-I’m just glad Lauryn White isn’t Shaq. I’m glad she just pushed the table. I’m glad she didn’t jump over the table and tackle me.
8:20-The Niners still lead 19-13.
8:23-GW responds with three points to cut the lead in half.
8:24-I’m killing LiveBlog after tonight, but I won’t kill the blog. Raker delivers a strong kill.
8:25-Rouse scores the kill to give the Niners a 22-18 lead. This is an intense set.
8:27-The Colonials respond with back-to-back points, Charlotte 22-20. Correction, it’s now 22-21.
8:28-We’re now tied at 23-all in the third set. Coming up will be a pivotal point, which will give either Charlotte or GW set point in the pivotal third set.
8:30-The Niners hold set point at 24-23.
8:32-The Niners and Colonials are tied at 25-all. Charlotte is now 1/7 in set point opportunities.
8:34-Charlotte now has eight set point opportunities, five of which came from the first set. The Niners win the third set, 28-26.

8:37-The fourth set is underway.
8:40-Rouse posts a kill to tie the game at 3-all.
8:42-When I interviewed Hicks earlier today, she said that she continues to improve in being more consistent rather than just hitting the ball without knowing where to place the shot. That kill just showed why she’s one of the top offensive players on the team.
8:45-The Colonials have responded with four points to take an 8-6 lead.
8:46-GW takes an 11-7 lead. Last time, the Niners had a 2-1 set lead. Deja vu?
8:48-The Colonials hold a .310-.297 advantage in attack percentage.
8:51-GW’s lead is now down to 14-13. Correction, it’s now tied at 14-all. Another correction, it’s now Charlotte 15-14.
8:53-After being down 14-10, the Niners answer with six points.
8:55-Abbie Rees makes a nice diving dig to help the Niners take a 19-15 lead.
8:57-Hicks delivers a strong kill, Charlotte 22-19. Raker follows with a strong block. That’s senior pride.
8:59-Charlotte avenges the early-season loss with a 25-20 win in the fourth set.
9:00-LiveBlog is shut down.

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